I love my boyfriend and that’s all I feel like saying right now.

He da besss

Me: I hate when adults act like children
Me: like how the fuck do you tell us we have bad attitudes, are lazy, and all that shit
Me: when you people can't even hold a conversation without turning into a bitchy 13 year old white girl named Lindsay.
Sam: Holy shit I'm laughing so hard.

Sunday Sunday.

Waiting on my boyfriend to call.

Marinated chicken and made myself a late lunch and tea.

My grass has started to sprout out on my patio, and it’s nice out.

Just gotta hear from my boyfraaaaann.

I’m done.

I’m done with my mom being so hot and cold. I can’t deal with her taking her stress out on me.
Her nagging drove me to hang up on her twice this week because I couldn’t deal with how she mocked and berated me while she did it. She didn’t work her way up to it. It’s never a, ‘hey could you maybe try to work on this?’ It’s always ‘why haven’t you done this? You need to do this.’
I’ve told her since I was about twelve that that’s not how you get me to do what you want. In fact as a kid I refused to do anything she asked if she asked like that.

Apparently she doesn’t understand why I’m so ‘disrespectful’. This is coming from the woman who made me hate my body up until recently, and I still struggle with it.

When she forget to do shit, I don’t get mad. I don’t belittle her. I just ask her if she could get around to it soon.

I’m just tired of this. I’m exhausted from dealing with her. I never know what mood I’m gonna get her in.

And this is all coming after I planned a trip for next week to spend Easter with her cause she complains that she misses me all the time.

Act like it and maybe I’ll believe you.

I gave y’all a second chance and you shit all over it. Good to know that’s how you generally treat people, seeing as I know more than one person you’ve interacted with. I feel really bad for the people you have to interact with on a daily basis. It must literally be torture to have to endure your stupidity for more than an hour. I’m glad you’re out of my life. All you did was fuck everything up in your wake and I’m done being a nice person. If I ever see you again, be aware that I will not be friendly, and I will try my hardest to make you uncomfortable as fuck. And if you fuck with my food, I will make sure you lose your job. Clear? I really fucking hope so.


Having sex in someone else’s bed when that person hasn’t given you permission to even sit on it is possibly the most disrespectful and disgusting thing a person can do.

reblogging this until I get my point across.

Having sex in someone else’s bed when that person hasn’t given you permission to even sit on it is possibly the most disrespectful and disgusting thing a person can do.

Tired of two faced bitches.

Don’t say you’re okay with something, and then act like a fucking bitch when someone does that something.

You made me and my sister feel hella uncomfortable after driving three hours, and that’s not cool. You yelled at us about a stupid fucking children’s movie because I got one little fact incorrect. Please.

Not only that, you’re being a bitch about it to someone who is moving OUT OF STATE and AWAY from you, do you really wanna leave shit on a sour note before that happens? Because if you keep acting like an ignorant little child, that’s what’s going to happen.

You can have your opinions and what have you, but you know that saying, ‘opinions are like a dick; don’t shove them in my face,’ well, you should really take a look in the mirror and see if you’re managing to not shove your factless opinion down other peoples throats.

Go be mad at Ella Enchanted somewhere else. That shit is uncalled for, and it really made me think a lot less of you. 

Sometimes it feels like I might as well be dating my cat. Or myself. Or the wall. The wall is at least present.

Woke up to pee, going back to sleep.
You CannT stop meEEeee~~’!